Established in 2006, Laundry was born out of a passion for life and its many pleasures of good music, good company, food and drinks. As a venue that has been a firm supporter of the local music scene, a platform for many aspiring artist and being host to various international acts, Laundry has built a name for itself as an ideal place to chill, hangout and catch-up with family and friends over a couple of drinks or to simply enjoy a casual night out.

For the next few months, Laundry will be bringing in an additional line-up of happening acts for its customers as this popular chill out venue is still going strong and remains a favourite hangout among many in the Klang Valley.

All New Laundry


The all new Laundry at The Curve Mutiara Damansara has reopened with a brand new look following its recent major facelift. The changes are not just cosmetic, as Laundry is set to reinvent itself with a fresh new concept in entertainment and music variety:

  • The Look – The New Laundry has been custom made for the venue, from the upholstery to vintage wallpaper, the lighting fixtures to the table lamps. as well as an RGB wall by Italian designer, Carnovsky. Laundry brings to its guests a vintage inspired, cool, chic & classy look.
  • The Feel – Think “The Great Gatsby” meets “Mad Men”, Studio 54 on a chill pill. Laundry Bar will give its guests a whole new feel of being in a different era.  Also introducing its new cocktails like “IN BED WITH KC” and “DEATH BY CHOCOLATE” will leave its guests feeling good all day and all night.
  • The Sound – As a venue that has been a staunch supporter of the local music & arts scene and a platform for many an aspiring artist, Laundry Bar is keeping the music alive with an extensive line up of music genres from Soul to Funk, Hip Hop to House, Rock to Chill Out Music to fit every musical taste. Every so often Laundry will reward its patrons and guests with an international act or a music festival.


For more information, visit their Facebook page.

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