Looks like the Fresh Prince of Bel Air is a bigger K-Pop fan that we had expected. Two days ago, it was revealed that Will Smith had asked Jay Park if he could feature one of Jay’s previously unreleased song on his upcoming film, “After Earth“.

Yesterday, the Hollywood actor and his son, Jaden Smith were in South Korea to promote “After Earth”. Both father and son attended the press conference that was held at the Seoul Yeouido Conrad Hotel. During the press conference, Will Smith was asked, “In Korea, celebrities usually make a promise in hopes that their movies will be successful. Will you promise to do something if ‘After Earth’ is successful?”

Will Smith Jaden Smith After Earth Press Conference Korea


To which Will Smith replied:

I have one! If this movie is successful in Korea, I’m gonna do a song with Psy. If it’s successful in Korea, we’ll get the exact numbers, if it’s a huge success in Korea, I might do a record with Psy. So we’re gonna get huge music and so, if we have success, we’re gonna come back and we’re gonna go to YG Entertainment, and we’re gonna make two records. Or one big record with our family and the YG family!

Jaden too quipped, “If it’s a huge success in Korea, I’m gonna do a song with G-Dragon”, which invited cheers and claps from the members of the media and all who was present at the press conference.

Watch the snippet here:

[youtube id=”QuewLNT-mdw” width=”600″ height=”350″]


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