Earlier this year, it was revealed that Malaysian darling Yuna has officially signed on to Verve Music Group. Upon the announcement, her adoring fans waited with bated breath to hear from her.

Yuna says that “Sixth Street”, her upcoming EP, is like a new chapter in her illustrious music career, and that all the songs were written in her apartment where she’s most comfortable. The project also went to her at a point in her life where she understood who she was and knew what she was feeling about life. Deep!

And now, you can check out Yuna’s first single, “I Wanna Go” off her new EP, “Sixth Street” right here!


[youtube id=”vxN2pLK-nU0″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

The EP will be released on 7th May 2013.

The release of her EP will be accompanied by an exclusive performance on virtual venue platform Stageit On 7th May at 6pm PST (10am on 8th May in Malaysia), fans get to access a live feed where Yuna will perform songs from the EP as well as other favourites. Tickets to the live feed is priced at US$10 (RM30) each.

For more information, hit up Yuna’s Facebook page.

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