The time has finally arrived! Four contenders will “roast” head-to-head with celebrities Megan Tan, Azura Zainal, Amran Ismail, and Christopher Lay in the ROASTERS Health Watch 2013 (RHW 2013)!

The eight-week health challenge which requires participants to challenge themselves towards a better lifestyle through a diet and exercise routine specially customized for the contestants. This year, RHW 2013 will sport a brand new theme – “Celebs VS Fans” – where fans will compete with their favourite celebrities in a showdown of their commitment to health.



This year’s participants are:

Team Celebs

  1. Megan Tan
  2. Azura Zainal
  3. Amran Ismail
  4. Christopher Lay

Team Fans

  1. Chan Mun Choy
  2. Hidayat bin Masduki
  3. Hazimah by Md Sidik
  4. Sri Devi a/p Muniaya

Kenny Rogers ROASTERS will provide participants with meals at least three times a week. A consultant dietician will tailor-make a diet program based on each participant’s fitness level and requirements. The diet will consist of a set of practical food intake recommendations for an average Malaysian while incorporating KRR meals into the plan.


This year, participants stand a chance to win great prizes from Kenny Rogers ROASTERS, Sports Toto Fitness Centre, Brooks, and Takasima worth more than RM31,000 in total!

For more information on Kenny Rogers ROASTERS, visit their website or their Facebook page.

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