The road to Rockaway Festival got off to a perfect start with the first Rockawayfest Showcase of 2013 organized by Livescape together with event partners, LAMC Productions from Singapore on 24 April. Hundreds of fans made their way to Bentley Music Auditorium for an evening of emotionally charged music and great guitar work displays provided by the amazingly talented Americans, Coheed and Cambria with guests, Circa Survive.

Both bands successfully completed their mission of promoting their latest releases as evident from the crowd’s reaction.



The showcase kicked off with an eye opening set by Tres Empre. They successfully showcased their maturity of sounds being a post-hard-core band to a fluid, dynamic, melodic group that adeptly blends catchy melody, charged rhythmic guitars and ambient moods.

As the clock struck 8:30pm, the audience displayed their utmost excitement for Circa Survive’s long overdue debut here. The band promptly got the ball rolling with the other-worldly, “Act Appalled”, a crowd favourite off their first EP The Inuit Sessions released back in 2005.


Circa Survive continued their show with a high energy set and a need to satisfy their fans’ desire for a firsthand experience of what it feels like to be at a Circa live show. Led by the emotionally driven vocals of Anthony Green, the band included “Sharp Practice”, “Suitcase”, and “Brother Song” from their Violent Waves album and fan favourites like “In The Morning And Amazing” and “Glass Arrows” in their set list.

Circa Survive ended their amazing set with a memorable rendition of “Get Out” to make way for headliners, Coheed and Cambria. The band led by Claudio Sanchez tore the stage up with the vastness of their effortless sounds. The four-piece band easily worked the crowd with opening track, “No World for Tomorrow”.


Coheed and Cambria proved to be a band of with perfect symmetry as guitarist Travis Streeper and bassist Zach Cooper perfectly complemented Sanchez’s vocals. Promoting their latest dual album, “The Afterman: Ascension” and “The Afterman: Descension”, the band treated their fans with emotionally driven renditions of tracks, which included “Vic The Butcher”, “Evagaria the Faithful”, and “The Afterman”.

Coheed and Cambria’s return to Kuala Lumpur proved to be nothing short of amazing and with the addition of Circa Survive, the showcase successfully satisfied all their fans at the Bentley Music Auditorium.


Click to view more pictures from the Rockawayfest Showcase 2013 featuring Circa Survive and Coheed and Cambria in the gallery below!

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