Singaporean sweetheart Stefanie Sun is back in the limelight once again after making her first public appearance since her pregnancy. The singer met reporters during a media even for a baby formula brand on Tuesday and, get this, she still looked as slim as ever! Although appearance-wise, 34-year-old Stefanie looked the same as before, she expressed that her outlook on life and work has changed considerably following the birth of her child.

The new (and anxious) mother said:

Actually, when I was pregnant, I thought I’d go back to work right after I have the baby. At that time, I was perhaps a little naïve. After you have a baby you really want to care for the child, become concerned about his growth, and want to give him a stable schedule so he feels safe.


Maybe all along, I have given people this idea that I am cool and in control. But first-time mums are always particularly anxious over whether their child eats, has an appetite, and whether the baby’s nappies need changing.

Stefanie Sun Motherhod

She also revealed that she experienced a slight bout of separation anxiety when she started working again. “The whole day I was using my phone. I’d just take out the video of him and look at it. I’ll ask different people to look at it, so I can watch it again. I think naturally, when you spend so much time with a person and suddenly you have to stop, you feel very anxious”, she confessed with a smile.

Aww. Say what you will, Stefanie, but we think you’ve got it all sorted. Can’t wait to watch you perform on stage again though! We hear that Stefanie is planning to kick off a concert tour in January 2014. Yay!


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