In “Identity Thief”, Diana (played by Melissa McCarthy) tricks the real Sandy Patterson (played by Jason Bateman) into giving her his credit card details. See, Diana is a sociopath.

She’s a sociopath who eats too much, drinks too much, lies too much, and steals too much. But she is also extremely lonely, which kinda explains her stealing and spending streak. She’s the type that would take the term, “retail therapy” to another level. Come on, who needs a jet ski in their front yard and three blenders on their kitchen counter, amongst other things?

Identity Thief Melissa McCarthy


Yup. She’s the type you’d love to hate, you get the idea.

Now, then comes poor Sandy who’s already struggling to make ends meet only to find out that he’s raking up a credit card bill in the thousands when he only uses it for gas and coffee. Not only is he getting into trouble at work because of his so-called “reputation”, he also finds himself in hot soup with the law. Except, we know it’s not really him.

So, he decides to take matters into his own hands.

Sandy flies out to track the thief down so that she can clear his name. In his head, it sounds like an excellent plan, of course. Oh, and he does find her, alright. But when he comes face to face with her, he discovers that she’s more than a handful – more than two handfuls, even. Together, the unlikely duo face some challenges when it comes to dealing with each other and even bigger challenges with some assassins after landing in their crosshair.



We’d like to add here that in their short (but hilarious) time spent together, Sandy discovers a little bit more about his identity thief’s past and tries to, get this, help her. Make her “grow” a conscience, if you will. What was her reason for having turned out to be a manipulative and greedy seemingly scum of the world?

Find out when you catch “Identity Thief” in a cinema near you! Go on and go get some of that mindless laughs.


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For more information, visit the movie’s official website.

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