On 17th April 2013, a four-year-old Indian girl was kidnapped from her resident in Ghansor and was apparently abandoned in the fields after being raped. She was found by some villagers in the next morning. She was then taken by air ambulance from central Madhya Pradesh state to the Care Hospital in Nagpur city on 20th April 2013, where she remained in a coma.

The girl had suffered severe brain damage and was on life support system and drugs. She continued to battle for her life for nearly two weeks before she died of a cardiac arrest at 7:45pm on Monday. “She died from a cardiac arrest at 7:45 pm on Monday. We were taking all measures..but yesterday her condition got bad and her blood pressure went down. She was not reacting to medications”, P.A. Sriram at the hospital told AFP.

Care Hospital


Allow us to stress that she was only four years old.

The police have arrested some men in connection with the rape. One of the two accused men is 28-year-old Firoz Khan, who was a friend of the girl’s uncle. He was arrested from Bihar’s Hussainabad srea in Bhagalpur district after evading arrest for six days. The other accused, 24-year-old Rakesh Chaudhary was arrested earlier.

Four Year Old Rape India

The case is the latest in a string of high-profile sex attacks that have sparked outrage in India over the treatment of women and girls, with protests first erupting in December over the savage gangrape of a 23-year-old student.

Sources: CNA, The Times of India.

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