JPM Music’s surprise roadshow held for TVXQ! fans at Tropicana City Mall last Sunday proved to be a great success as Malaysia’s Cassiopeia came out to show their love for the band and pick up some fantastic TVXQ! goodies. With the impending arrival of K-Pop’s beloved kings and their spectacular “Catch Me” Live World Tour just weeks away, JPM Music and joint presenter Magnum hosted the roadshow as a special treat to true TVXQ! fans.

The event which included a singing competition, Q&A sessions and a lucky draw, gave Cassiopeia chances to get their hands on highly sought after TVXQ! Press Conference passes. Numerous fans plucked up the courage to belt out TVXQ! tunes on a public stage but it was sisters Leong Mun Chi and Leong Rui En, performing the popular title track “Catch Me”, who most impressed the judges as they sang and danced their way to a win.



sing n dance WINNER_Leong Mun Chi and Leong Rui En_1

Runner up, Niky Teoh, earned herself a pair of Premium Rock Zone tickets for her performance of the song, “Humanoids”. Jimmy Yek’s rendition of “Mirotic” won him a TVXQ! album whilst Ho Chi Yin and Liew Lee Yen’s creative use of balloons in their performance got each of them a Premium Rock Zone ticket.

Also winning themselves a Premium Rock Zone ticket each were sisters Jazreen Azman and Jazmeen Azman who played special acoustic guitar performances of, “Maximum” and “Hey! Don’t Bring Me Down” and Norateelah Roslan who showed off her best TVXQ! dance moves.

Jazreen Azman an Jazmeen Azman_1

The Q&A sessions which were held at various times during the course of the day, saw fans walking away with the latest official TVXQ! concert poster. 30-year-old Mazniffa Mustaffa emerged the winner of the special press conference pass in the lucky draw. She’s just one of the many fans who are proof that you don’t need to be a giddy teenager to appreciate timeless pop acts like TVXQ!.

As the concert nears, the excitement builds and it’s clear that Cassiopeia are ready for a fantastic evening of U-know and Max’s spectacular vocals and impressive dance moves!

TVXQ Live in Malaysia Catch Me Tour 2013

For more information, visit JPM Music’s Facebook page.

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