Global K-pop sensation BIGBANG are huge around the world and MTV is bringing you an inside look at the superstar K-pop group’s world concert tour!

MTV is bringing you the exclusive world premiere of BIGBANG’s new behind-the-scenes concert tour documentary, “BIGBANG: ALIVE Around the World”! The Korean boy band is one of the globe’s biggest acts, with a huge international audience, and were the winners of the first ever MTV EMA for Worldwide Act in 2011.

BIGBANG Alive GALAXY Tour 2012 Malaysia (3)


After kicking off their tour with a concert in Seoul in March 2012, the five-man act successfully completed the whirlwind tour, performing at 24 cities in 12 different countries (including Malaysia). They traveled 89,000 miles through four continents for a total of 48 shows, mesmerizing over 800,000 fans worldwide!

BIGBANG’s outstanding performances during the tour were highly praised by the international media and now the K-pop group has joined the ranks of the world’s biggest pop superstars! “BIGBANG: ALIVE Around the World” features live performances from the tour and exclusive glimpses behind the scenes:


  • Wednesday, 01 May, 4pm (WIB), 5pm (SIN/HK/PHIL), 6pm (MAL)


  • Friday, 03 May, 8:30pm (WIB), 9:30pm (SIN/HK/PHIL), 10:30pm (MAL)
  • Saturday, 04 May, 6pm (WIB), 7pm (SIN/HK/PHIL), 8pm (MAL)
  • Thursday, 09 May, 1am (WIB), 2am (SIN/HK/PHIL), 3am (MAL)
  • Wednesday, 22 May ,8:30pm (WIB), 9:30pm (SIN/HK/PHIL), 10:30pm (MAL)


You don’t want to miss this chance to get to know the group up close and personal!



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