International superstar Psy held a press conference before making final preparations to fly to New York in order to commence US activities. You may remember us posting up something about his new single, “Gentleman” receiving some backlash because of the content in its music video – it even managed to get banned from one of South Korea’s major broadcasters.

Hence, Psy formally apologized at the press conference following all the negative feedback:

It appears as though the music video for “Gentleman” spurred a lot of debate. I think a lot of it is due to the fact that many people had high expectations for me and this single. I’ve also noticed that I recently gained a lot of younger fans and in my opinion, I also agree that the content from this music video is inappropriate for younger audiences. So to my younger fans, I promise to return with better material that is age-appropriate next time.


Don’t look at us. We’re totally okay with the music video and we personally think that it’s hilarious. We’re also loving this video from his first ever live performance of “Gentleman”:

[youtube id=”GOTq7TXnlH4″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

Meanwhile, Psy will be continuing his promotions with “Gentleman” abroad, starting with the US and hopefully spread a second global phenomenon. To measure up against the success of “Gangnam Style”, if not exceeding it to be much, much better.


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