The heat is on as the six Twisties Superstarz X protégés, handpicked by Twisties Superstarz X celebrity mentors Altimet and Prema Yin, battle it out to be crowned this year’s Twisties Superstarz X! This coming week, the finalists will be tried and tested by their mentors through a series of challenges, testing their skills, composure, and everything they thought they knew about musical stardom.

The “The Style” Grooming Challenge, held at Zalora Studio was one of them. Here’s what went down:

[youtube id=”I-6DKZsCtFo” width=”600″ height=”350″]


After which, we were given the opportunity to get up close and personal with these seven very talented kids with confidence to boot, as well as their mentors Altimet and Prema Yin. We discovered their goals, dreams, and about what made them tick throughout the entire time of the Twisties Superstarz X challenges.

If you were picked as the winner of this year’s Twisties Superstarz X, who would you choose to collaborate with on an album?

Kyle: “Honestly, I think all of us (Twisties Superstarz X finalists) discussed this before and we actually want this whole team here in an album together. So, if we were to do a song, I’d imagine a music video displaying our journey and I’d actually love everyone here to be a part of it the video. In terms of collaborations, I’d say Boyz II Men or Rascal Flatts if I ever get a chance to. Locally, I’d honestly like to work with both Altimet and Prema Yin because he’s an amazing rapper and she’s an amazing songstress.”

Syah: “Like Kyle said, we’ve discussed this before and we really do want to feature everyone. I really love their craziness! This is nothing like a competition to us because we’re so close – we’re like siblings. As for future song collaborations, I’d really love to work with Altimet.”

Twisties Superstarz X The Style Grooming Challenge (5)

Lina: “We’ve only met for three days but we’re so close – everybody’s so crazy and so fun! So yeah, if I win, I’d definitely feature everyone here in it. Collaborations-wise, internationally..I’d really like to work with Pumped Up Kicks. Locally, well, I really like rapping so if given the opportunity, I’d like to work with Altimet’s..friend, Joe Flizzow.”

Everyone: “(laughs)”

Young: “Beyoncé! I’d definitely love to work with Beyoncé. It’d be a dream come true.”


Twisties Superstarz X The Style Grooming Challenge (6)

Joey: “A collaboration between all of us would be so amazing because we each have our own personalities and styles. Internationally, I’d love to collaborate with Boyce Avenue. I love their songs, I love how they always change it up with they do covers, and it’s so original and nice.”

Diary Of Us: “We’d love everyone here in our music video if we win.”

Twisties Superstarz X The Style Grooming Challenge (12)

In your opinion, what has been the toughest Twisties Superstarz X challenge that you’ve had to face so far?

Kyle: “We’ve been through three challenges so far and the first one was voice projection. I actually found that easy. I’m not showing off or anything! It’s only because I grew up in a family of loud people – I’m considered the softest in my family. The hardest challenge so far for me was the second challenge. We had to come up with something creative and play a beat with random objects. I have very bad tempo and I’m a terrible dancer. I can’t even play a tambourine and sing at the same time – that’s how bad I am!”

Syah: “I think the first challenge was the toughest one for me. It was held at Asia Café in Subang Jaya and it was really noisy there. I don’t think anyone actually heard my voice and the song that was given to me was very random – I had to sing Taylor’s Swift ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’. I had to sing that song in public with my guitar!”

Twisties Superstarz X The Style Grooming Challenge (13)

Lina: “We were given the challenge to sing something that was out of our comfort zone and I was given Sheila Majid’s ‘Lagenda’. I didn’t know how to sing the verse or the chorus and we were given only half an hour to learn the song. ‘Lagenda’ it’s a soft song but the challenge required voice projection – you can’t scream a soft song! I felt like no one could hear me. Hands down, toughest challenge.”

Young: “For me, it was the second challenge. I’m also really bad with tempo. Also, it requires creativity and I’m really bad with being creative too. I think I did just..normal and I didn’t stand out. I need to work on this more.”

Twisties Superstarz X The Style Grooming Challenge (15)

Joey: “I found all the challenges to be quite fun and I like the fact that it’s nothing you would imagine. The first challenge, when they gave us the songs, I was like, okay I’m not going to do well. I was given Demi Lovato’s ‘Heart Attack’ – I had to learn it in 30 minutes. And when we got to the location, we were all very sweaty and there was oil in the air – and I’m pretty sure that somewhere along the way, a fly flew into my mouth!”

Diary Of Us: “The first challenge was very tough for us. We were given Maroon 5’s ‘Moves Like Jagger’ – we love that song. We changed it up a bit when we performed it but we felt like nobody could really hear us. But the most important thing is we had fun!”

Can’t wait to find out who will emerge winner for this year’s Twisties Superstarz X? Neither can we because every single one of them is busting with talent! We wish them all nothing but the best for the grand finale, which is slated to happen on 25th May 2013.

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