As confirmed by Selangor police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Tun Hisan Tun Hamzah,  four suspects were arrested in connection with the attempted robbery and murder of jogger 52-year-old Irene Ong Ai Sam at Bukit Gasing on Saturday.

The four are aged between 16 and 18. The suspects were detained by police at Flat Sri Medan and Flat Bukit Gasing Indah between 1am and 3am Tuesday, he said.

Ong Ai Sam, was with her daughter on Saturday when they were approached by two men armed with knives wearing full-face helmets at about 4:30pm. The men demanded she hand over her belongings but Ong shouted to her 17-year-old daughter, Hui Wei to run to safety. She selflessly blocked the two suspects while her daughter tried to get help from other pedestrians in the area.


Sources revealed the suspects stabbed the victim before escaping with her belongings.

Bukit Gasing Jogger

Ong’s daughter returned to the scene with another woman and found her mother lying in pool of blood. She was rushed to the Universiti Malaya Medical Centre, but succumbed to her injuries on the way there 20 minutes later.


At a press conference held at the state police headquarters yesterdaySelangor police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Tun Hisan Tun Hamzah said that the incident did not occur at the Bukit Gasing jogging track but at a secluded road near it. He went to say that a team of policemen had patrolled the area at about 1:30pm on that day but the incident occurred some three hours later.

Tun Hisan also added, “I assure the public that the Bukit Gaing jogging track is safe. But police will increase patrols at the track and its surrounding areas”.


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