19 students and two teachers were sent to hospitals here and in Ampang yesterday for treatment after feeling nauseous as a result of inhaling toxic fumes.

City Fire and Rescue Department assistant director of operations Azizan Ismail said the fumes were caused by a minor explosion at SMK Datuk Lokman in Kampung Pandan. The explosion had happened as eight barrels of chemicals at the school’s laboratory were being loaded onto a lorry. It is understood that one of the barrels exploded at 11:32am, triggering a fire:

Twenty-five firemen were despatched to the school. The fire was put out in 10 minutes. All the students and teachers were evacuated. Later, 19 of the students and two teachers starting feeling sick. They were sent to the hospital and given outpatient treatment.


The remaining students were allowed to return home.

The firemen were on standby while the barrels of chemicals were removed from the school compound. A hazardous material team was also sent to the scene.

19 Ill Toxic Fumes Malaysia

School authorities declined to comment on the incident.

Oh no, what a way to end the week. Get well soon, you guys!


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