“Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” star and Malaysian pride Datuk Seri Michelle Yeoh has come under siege as of recent. The general Malaysian public are under the impression that she had allegedly chosen to support Barisan Nasional (BN) after she accepted a dinner invitation from a group of Chinese business tycoons and Gabungan Persatuan Keturunan Cina Selangor in support of PM Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

An unofficial Facebook page called, “We Fully Support PKR” highlighted a report from a local Chinese newspaper about Michelle attending the event, which then opened up the flood gates for a slew of fierce backlash. The page, which was set up in 2010 and has over 300,000 “Likes”, posted a message on 12th April addressed to actress, saying, “You were once the Malaysian people’s pride but now no longer”.

We Fully Support PKR Michelle Yeoh


The above message in Mandarin said:

Do you know now we have a national debt of RM500 billion? Do you know we might not even have the freedom to pick the colour we want to wear? Do you know now the foreign labourers rule in your homeland? Do you know one risks being robbed on the street every minute? Do you know your homeland is a dangerous place for pretty girls?

Do you know that in your homeland, the ‘mata’ can frame you for drug trafficking and ask for money? Do you know in your homeland, you cannot sell expensive ice cream to a policeman? Do you understand the message behind the dinner? Or do you think it has nothing to do with you since you live outside Malaysia?

As at time of writing, that post had received close to 7,000 “Likes”, more than 1,200 comments, and was shared over 5,000 times. Most of the comments, however, condemned our Datuk Seri Michelle Yeoh for supposed political allegiance, calling her a traitor and telling her not to come home ever again.

Oh dear.


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