Hello music junkies. We’ve got awesome news this morning. Spotify, the leading music streaming service, launched yesterday in Malaysia!

Don’t know what Spotify is? Spotify is a better way of listening to music. With the launch, Malaysia’s music fans can now enjoy totally free, on-demand, legal access to over 20 million tracks. No need to buy or download – just hit play.

Spotify Malaysia


Listen on your computer, mobile, table, and even home entertainment system. Simply search for any artiste, album, or track. Discover new music by checking out the collections of friends, artistes, and celebrities. Or you could just sit back and enjoy Spotify Radio. And if you want to take your Spotify with you on the go, there’s also Spotify Premium (RM14.90 a month) for the ultimate music player on your mobile device.

And because music is social, so is Spotify. Share music on Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, your blog, and your e-mail. You can also follow other people so when they discover music, you do too!

Spotify Logo

For more information on Spotify or to sign up for an account, hit up their official website.

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