Out of the thousands of people who took part in the Boston Marathon Majors Series, five were Malaysians. One of the five narrowly escaped the pandemonium that took place with the mass bombing at the finishing line at Boston Copley’s Square.

Lim Kian Huat is a 57-year-old aircraft maintenance engineer who finished his run 30 minutes before the blast. He flew to Boston to enter the race solo and was residing at a local Boston hotel situated about five kilometers from the place of incident.



Upon hearing about the chaos that ensued, he said:

I was shocked. It was such a big surprise for this to happen at an international event.

I was on my way back to the hotel when it happened. I was in the subway train when suddenly all the trains were stopped and everyone were instructed to evacuate the trains. I wasn’t sure at the time what was going on but everything was chaotic. That’s when I found out that a bombing had just happened at the finish line

I’m just staying in my hotel right now because there’s havoc everywhere. You can hear the sirens of the ambulances and police cars, and roads are sealed in the city.

When asked if he knew what happened to the four other Malaysian marathoners, he said that he hasn’t heard anything of or about them are he wasn’t acquainted with them. Lim had finished a full marathon in three hours and 33 minutes and will be taking a flight back home tomorrow at 4pm (Boston time) and will be arriving on Thursday morning (local time).

More updates on the Boston marathon bombing soon!

Boston Bombing Marathon


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