Yesterday, about 700 celebrities from all over Asia turned up for an event of a lifetime. But not just any event! It was an event organized by Hong Kong broadcast giant TVB in conjunction with Hong Kong veteran actor and household name Eric Tsang’s grand 60th birthday!

The large-scale birthday party cost TVB about HK$3 million (RM1,173,798 million) to organize, with a guestlist that includes only the crème de la crème of the Asian entertainment industry. We’re talking, the who’s who like Jay Chou, Bosco Wong, Hacken Lee, Jackie Chan, Leo Ku, Flora Chan, Kelly Chen, Grasshopper, Carina Lau, Leon Lai, and many more. Even the heavily pregnant Cherrie Ying and husband Jordan Chan turned up to make a special appearance, alongside Alam Tam.

Eric Tsang Birthday Party 2013


Eric’s biggest surprise, however, was when surprise was his grand daughter came all the way from Canada to celebrate with him.

Needless to say, all 70 tables were filled out with Hong Kong celebrities. The banquet was held at the HK Convention and Exhibition Centre. There was a giant statue of an animated Eric on the stage, while Eric appeared on stage with his two sons and daughter. When he shared his birthday feelings, he also mentioned the most important in life is to live in the moment. Doesn’t it sound like an awards’ show attendance to you?

Eric Tsang 60th Birthday Party Eric Tsang 60th Birthday

Speaking to the media at the event, Eric Tsang also said his birthday wish is to give back to society, by starting a charity to help retirees and the needy. Bless his kind soul.

Happy birthday, Eric Tsang!


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