Goodbye, way-too-bright blue eyeshadow. Hello, class!

Yes, The iconic Singapore Girl aka Singapore Airlines (SIA) air stewardess has opted for a more subtle and modern look in her first major makeover in more than a decade. This is coming less than a year after SIA announced plans for a major cabin, seat, and in-flight entertainment overhaul.

Oh, don’t worry. She’s still immaculate in her body-hugging signature kebaya with her hair nicely done, but the colours on her face are less striking.


Singapore Girl SIA Makeover

She’s now sticking to blue, green, plum, and brown eye makeup, and red lipstick to complement the colour of her kebaya, but the tones and shades are most subtle than before. Also, for the past two months, the stewardesses were taught to create the new look for themselves – part of a grooming road show to reiterate the importance of looking good feeling good.

The Singapore Girl makeover also includes a new crew lounge at SIA’s control centre at Changi Airport Terminal 3 for last minute touch-ups before a flight. For real.

Singapore Girl Makeover Before & After
Singapore Girl Makeover Before & After

Talk about an overall makeover!


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