For the whole of last month, Malaysian artist/architect Hong Yi aka Red challenged herself to create fun illustrations made with food. She told herself that the images in which she would later produce strictly has to be made entirely out of food and the only backdrop is a white plate.

Her little project would then be shared on her Instagram.

Hong Yi Food Art (2)


So, with that in mind, she set out to create some of the most amazing food art pieces we’ve ever seen! Landscapes, animals, homages to pop culture, you name it, she did it.

As we speak, her food art has already been documented heavily around the web and it’s still ongoing. Here are some of Hong Yi’s food art pieces that got our attention. We’ll let these do the talking:

One of the her latest ones was the one depicting the dissolution of the Malaysian Parliament to make way for the general elections 2013.

This one:

Hong Yi Parliament Dissolution

Right? We know. And they said that you should never play with your food. Tsk.

To find out more about Hong Yi, click!

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