Groupon Malaysia has gone and done it again! For real, this time. No unicorns, no selling of super powers. The company is currently looking for a photographer to join them!

On their website, it reads:

Every great photographer lives and dies by three rules: be on time, be prepared, and never extend your lens in a crowded elevator.  Ascend to new heights with an opportunity to work for Groupon Malaysia as a freelance photographer.


Apart from offering versatility and a breath of fresh air from shooting your neighbours cactuses, a photographer position with Groupon Malaysia is one that exposes you and your closet-dwelling DSLR to various assignments and experiences within your city. Freedom to decide on the creative direction of each shoot is among the benefits of this freelance position, along with the opportunity to network with restaurant owners, spa therapists, and the carefree troupe of pigeons doing a number on your windscreen.

Of course, the highlights are such as opportunities to travel within the city to experience a broad variety of photography assignments, to network and meet new people, and to be given freedom to decide on the creative direction of each photo shoot, amongst others.

Groupon Malaysia Recruitment

So if you’re interested, you know where to go.

Kudos to Groupon Malaysia for being ever so creative! Really, who needs job recruitment pages when you’ve got a group buying website to help you find what you need?

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