There’s a place in Disneyland that was originally intended for Walt Disney and his family to stay at whenever they visited the park. But unfortunately, Walt Disney died before the completion of the park. What is this mysterious place we speak of? None other than the only hotel room inside Disney World.

Located at the Cinderella Castle, the suite was used as a storage and a call centre for almost 40 years before Disney decided to complete the suite in 2005. It’s so super exclusive that only a select few have stayed there. And the lucky few who have gotten a chance to stay in the suite can access it via a private elevator. A concierge/butler is also available all night for guests.

Cinderella Suite


The suite itself consists of Cinderella’s coach mosaic tile floor, which includes 3,4000 24-karat gold pieces. In the Royal Sitting Room of the suite, crystal jewels adorn stained-glass windows which tell the story of Cinderella.

Other features include custom-designed headboards, a custom-made priceless glass slipper created by Steuben Glass, and a 17th-century antique Gothic French fireplace molded from an original in France.

45115-hi-SweepsPR_Castle IMG_6316

There’s also a Royal Bath which contains a royal throne and the sinks are hand-hammered copper leaf basins with silver leaf. On top of that, there’s a custom-made 4×4, multi-jet Jacuzzi with waterfall faucet and chromatherapy lighting that allows users to create a twilight or starlight atmosphere.

Alright. We need to get really lucky quick because we want to stay there! Just one night?



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