Whoops! Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine just made his hired help accidentally famous! The artiste created a huge buzz among social media users in Indonesia (and later the entire universe) after a photo of him posing with an Indonesian woman circulated around the interwebs.

The woman in the picture is indeed someone he had hired as his house maid. Her name is Ani and she comes from Indonesia. In the photo, both Adam and Ani were posing in his kitchen. They stood side by side and wore similar shirts.

Adam Levine Maid


Of course, by nature of most of the Maroon 5’s lead singer’s fans being women, it created a ruckus. Some of his fans commented that they are willing to take up Ani’s position to help, uh, “clean up” Adam’s house. Some even went as far as saying that they are planning to interview Ani if/when she returns to Indonesia to ask her what it feels like to work with Adam Levine.

Ani, you best be practicing your signature because we’ve got a feeling they’re going to be asking for your autograph too!


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