In collaboration with Crossover and Raising the Bar, PUMA adds excitement to the “Evolution of Suede” by organizing the first in-store silent DJ battle in Malaysia. Aptly named the “Crossover Party“, the event was held at the Crossover outlet in Sunway Pyramid as part of the “Evolution of Suede” campaign, in celebration of the Suede’s 45th year of changing the game and the release of the Future Suede.

Hosted by Mr. Dan, a renowned hip-hop rapper and producer at Egoistic Records, the event saw guests enjoying themselves to the beat of the music during the silent DJ battle.

Twilight Action Girl's Lim & graffiti artist, Newba IMG_2225


A silent disco or silent party may be new to Malaysians, but it has been a familiar scene in European countries. Instead of a speaker system, the music can only be heard through FM-transmitted wireless headphones worn by party guests.

Anyone without the headphones will hear no music, offering the effect of a room full of people dancing to no music.

The PUMA silent DJ battle saw DJ Fuzz, a DJ that has been around since 1999, battling H3, a new and upcoming DJ that came about in 2009, to win over the audience. DJ Fuzz played his old school mix of hip-hop, top 40s, house, commercial, and reggaeton tunes, while H3 played his newer mix of dubstep and drum & bass.

Blogger Andrew with Newba X Twilight Action Girl's Giant 2058 Future Suede design

As an extension to the Instagram contest that is currently going on, a pair of PUMA Suede and VIP passes to the finale party on the 5th of April 2013 were given out during the event to an attendee with the most interesting picture posted on Instagram with the hashtags specially coined for the campaign – #forthestreet, #MY, and @PUMA. The first 30 people that made purchases during the event also got their shoes autographed by graffiti artists, Bee of PHBKLK, Iqbal of Fresh Kids, Carpet, Katun, and Bone.

Social media users can also use the campaign hashtags on Twitter and Instagram to join in the global celebration and converse with other PUMA fans around the world. Various events and activities took place over the duration of the “Evolution of Suede” global campaign, which will end with the finale event.

Check out our gallery for more pictures from the event!

For more on the “Evolution of the Suede”, visit their website.

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