Less than a month after K-Pop idols Hara and Junhyung unfollowed each other on Twitter, their agencies are now confirming that they have indeed broken up. Hara is from the popular K-Pop idol girl group KARA and Junhyung is from the popular K-Pop idol boy group BEAST aka B2ST.

Late yesterday, their entertainment agencies Cube Entertainment (for B2ST) and DSP Media (for KARA) offered their comments on the matter. Cube Entertainment said, “Junhyung and Hara have recently ended their relationship. The two will continue to remain good friends”.



DSP Media, on the other hand, released a statement which read:

Hara and Junhyung have ended their relationship, which they’ve maintained since June of 2011, and have decided to remain as good “sunbae-hoobae” in the music industry, and “oppa-dongseng”. The two continued their relationship under the interest of many fans and the public as the music industry’s “official couple”. However, with their meetings becoming less and less as they each carried out their own activities and handled many domestic and international promotions, the two naturally drifted apart.

On the 15th, when the news of the two unfollowing each other broke, they were at a state in which they had not yet finished sorting out their relationship matter. After this day, having decided to go their separate ways after much thought, the two even exchanged text messages with one another even after breaking up to ask how each other was doing, and currently have a good “sunbae” and “hoobae” relationship. Please give the two your encouragement and words of support.

Aww. We’re so sad! Anyone else feeling completely torn up about this? They were so cute together though!


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