LINE Play, the latest family app of LINE, conquered the Top Free App charts immediately after global release in a number of countries, including Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, and Indonesia, achieving six million users worldwide.

Second life games are nothing new to the gaming community but these games have always only been available for PC. LINE takes second life gaming to a new level with LINE Play by optimising it for mobile use – bringing the dynamic virtual world to everyday life and presenting a boundless place where people can meet and share thoughts and ideas with each other. LINE Play offers an unparalleled joy by allowing all users to personalise avatars and virtual space, while making new friends with similar interests and hobbies.



Express yourself with personalised avatars, My Room & diary!

LINE Play avatars can be created in a variety of ways. First, users can use their own headshot to create an avatar that closely resembles them, or select from a wide range of facial features. In LINE Play’s virtual world, users can style their avatars and decorate personal space as well. More than 200 new fashion and interior items are updated every week, including local and seasonal themed items such as traditional costumes and Christmas decorations.

Users can purchase the latest items with LINE Play’s virtual currency, known as Gems. They can be earned by either helping other avatars or taking care of one’s own space. Users can also win special fashion and interior items by playing “Gacha” under “Shop”, a fun vending machine for rare items.


Expand your friend network with LINE Play!

On LINE Play, users can connect with their LINE friends, while expanding their network by meeting new friends with similar interests and hobbies. By visiting friends’ rooms, users not only check out their friends’ fashion and interior style, but also share stories find out their interests and hobbies by looking through the diary.

Users can engage in one to one chats with their friends using new Action Stickers which make avatars become more animated and lifelike. Avatars can jump, laugh, wave and much more with the 18 different Action Stickers. With Lounge Chat, users can talk about music, games, sports, and movies with those who have similar interests.

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For more information, check out LINE’s Facebook page.

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