Last weekend, international DJ, model and media personality Vogue Williams was in town to play for the exclusive Johnnie Walker Circuit Lounge event, held at Terminal 2 Skypark, Subang. For those of you who are unfamiliar with her name, she’s also the wife of former Westlife member, Brian McFadden!

A few hours before her set, we lounged out with the hottie at a cozy little spot in Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur. And she tells us all there is to know about her e.g. how she plans her sets, her musical guilty pleasures, and whether or not she likes listening to Westlife. Aherm!

Hi! How are you, Vogue? When did you get in?


“I’m good! I got in at half three this morning.”

Have you seen much of Malaysia? What do you like best about the city so far?

“I haven’t seen much, not yet. But I was told that we’re right across the mall so we’re gonna go there tomorrow. We’re also planning to do a little sightseeing – we were looking forward to seeing the KLCC Twin Towers since we knew that we were coming here! It’s right outside my bedroom window and I’ve already posted up some pictures on Instagram. It’s so funny because it’s what I really, really wanted to see and I got to see that. But I want to see the whole country, really!”


You’re playing at the Johnnie Walker’s Circuit Lounge tonight. What’s your track list like and how did you prepare for it?

“Usually when I play for parties like these it’s a bit like..I sorta play lounge-y music. But here I think I’m allowed to play a more uptempo, dance-y type of track list. I do think that Johnnie Walker’s Circuit Lounge is gonna be a big party so I’m going to play dance-y music.”

Is there a huge difference for the way you would plan your set at a club as compared to say, a festival?

“I’ve played at a lot of festivals at home and because I used to play a lot of electro so they’d usually put me in a dance tent but it’s still a tent and there’d be about 8,000 people. When you’ve got 8,000 people it gets really exciting but when I play at a smaller venue say like a club, it’s a lot more intimate. You can immediately tell if the crowd doesn’t like a song because the dance floor will be empty! So..I actually prefer playing at these smaller parties because you’ve got everyone there, it’s easier to read people, and it’s just a whole lot more fun.”


What has been your best or most memorable gig to date?

“Probably..either the Grand Prix last year in Melbourne or probably Oxygen Music Festival in Ireland – that one was a good one and my first festival. There were about 80,000 people.”


DJs and producers are mostly men. Why do you think there’s a serious lack of women talents in the scene?

“I think girls actually get the better jobs because people would rather have a girl DJing at their party than a guy because there are already so many guys in the scene. In terms of being in the club scene I guess it’s slightly harder because, I don’t know – I guess men don’t think that girls are good enough to be up there. But you know, if people know that you’re good and you drop good mixes or remixes, you will earn the respect of others, really.”

What’s currently on your playlist? Are there any musical guilty pleasures that you’re not too shy to share with us?

“I listen to a lot of German DJs/producers. I also listen to a lot of electro – especially at the gym because that’s my gym jam! The best music for gyming is always the pumping, driving ones like A-Trak or Afrojack, Steve Aoki, Boys Noize, Calvin Harris. Calvin Harris is brilliant. As for the musical guilty pleasures, I listen to things like Anya but..only after I’ve had a few drinks! Uh, Westlife, no (laughs). I did like one of their songs but when Westlife came out, it was around the time that I was listening to Oasis so..I loved Oasis.”

For more information, visit her website. Alternatively, you could follow her on Twitter to get more timely updates!

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