It was supposed to be a happy occasion in Seremban as a supportive crowd joined the official opening of Malaysia’s first synthetic football pitch. 18-month-old Nurdamia Hisnina was her parents and two other siblings at the Paroi Sports Complex to watch the event just 500m from their home. It would be her last family outing.

A radio-controlled helicopter that was being flown as a gimmick at the event suddenly crashed into the crowd and slashed her head with its blades. Nurdamia’s father, Mr. Banee Yamin Idris, who was carrying her at that time also suffered cuts on the head and was treated at the Tuanku Ja’afar Hospital.



Nurdamia, on the other hand, wasn’t as lucky. She was taken to the hospital bleeding and unconscious. She died shortly after.

According to her 35-year-old father, “Nurdamia was asleep on my shoulder when I saw the out-of-control helicopter heading towards us at top speed. It happened so quickly that I could not duck or hide for cover. Although my vision was blurred and my face covered in blood, all I could think of was my family’s safety”.

Police have asked the flyer of the helicopter to give his statement. The case has been classified as death by negligence.


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