Uh oh. It looks like our favourite South Korean K-Pop idol girls/idol girl groups will soon have to learn to cover up.

South Korea’s revised “overexposure law” goes into effect on 22nd March 2013. Under the decree, approved by the new government during President Park Geun-hye’s first Cabinet meeting earlier this month, people deemed to be “overexposed” in public will be subject to a fine of 50,000 KRW (almost RM40).

Note: In the 1970s, skirts that ended 20 centimeters above the knee or higher were prohibited in South Korea.


SNSD Girls Generation

This means that restrictions will apply on revealing outfits that are prevalent on the streets of Seoul and other South Korean cities!

But of course, the trend of wearing super short microshorts and super short skirts more often than not applies to the country’s popular female K-Pop artistes. In fact, it’s practically their dress code (coupled with some suggestive dance moves). So revealing, so much so that a number of music videos have previously been slapped with “19+ only” viewing restrictions:

[youtube id=”G6JppjQSTh8″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

Celebrities who are known for portraying a sexy image have openly voiced their concern over SNS (social media). One of which is South Korea’s most famous sex symbol, Lee Hyori who tweeted, “Is the overexposure fine for real? I’m so dead”. We’re not sure if she was joking or not.

We know what you’re thinking – where does that leave the rest of our favourite female idols? Will K-Pop idols/idol groups like SISTAR, Girls’ Generation, HyunA (from 4Minute), etc. need to restock their wardrobe?

Lee Hyori

Inspector Ko Jun-ho of the (South Korean) National Police Agency commented, “The amendment is for cases like public nudity and public indecency. Any reports that we will be regulating what people are wearing are completely false”.


Oh, phew. Okay. Then their hemlines are safe – for now. We think.


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