On 18th March 2013, 5,000 McDonald’s outlets across Asia, Middle East, and Africa gave away some FIVE MILLION Egg McMuffins. The initiative was carried out in line with their participation in “National Breakfast Day”. Plus, what  better way to brighten up the Monday morning of breakfast-goers than to give away free meals, right?

In Singapore, however, McDonald’s customers starting making a beeline for the free Egg McMuffins from as early as 4:30am. Some customers had even stayed up through the night so that they would not oversleep and miss out on the free delectable meal. To add on, queue poles and security officers were stationed outside the fast-food giant’s outlets to ensure a smooth flow of collection.

McDonald's National Breakfast Day


Exactly how many were given out in Singapore alone? We don’t know. But we do know that by 11am, all McMuffins in Singapore were fully redeemed across 115 stores around the island, with most of the crowd mainly made up by students, working professionals, and elderly folk.

Good times.


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