Following last year’s successful Animax Carnivals in Malaysia, Taiwan, and the Philippines, Animax brought its signature event back to Kuala Lumpur. Held on 16th and 17th March at Sunway Pyramid, Animax Carnival 2013 was graced by Japanese guest star, J-pop and “Anisong” (songs featuring in Japanese anime programs) diva, May’n (Macross Frontier, Shangri La, Accel World).

Headlining Animax Carnival Malaysia 2013 is a special showcase by Japanese songstress May’n who is best known as the singing voice of character Sheryl Nome in the hit anime series, “Macross Frontier”. From 1pm on 16th March, Day One of the event,  May’n made an exclusive appearance and performing “live” her latest hit, “Chase the World”, the opening theme song of Animax’s new anime series Accel World.

[youtube id=”1rDDD8QLwRI” width=”600″ height=”350″]


She also sang “HEAT of the Moment” and “Kimi Shinitamo Koto Nakare” which featured as the opening theme song in anime series Shangri-La.

After May’n’s performance, from 3pm, Animax celebrated the launch of its latest, third season of hit anime series “Fairy Tail” (airing Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on Animax), with a screening of the “Tenrou Island” arc episodes of the long-running series at the Animax Carnival Malaysia stage.

ANIMAX_May'n Singing to the Crowd -2

ANIMAX- May'n Posing with the Winners

Following Animax Carnival Malaysia, viewers can also catch May’n performing in the following TV programs on Animax (Astro Ch 715) – Animax Musix 2012 Taiwan airs on 31st March (Sunday) at 11pm, Animax Musix 2012 premieres first and exclusively on 7th April (Sunday) at 2.30pm, repeats at midnight.

For more information, visit Animax Asia’s official website.

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