Last month, South Korean actresses Park Si Yeon and Hyun Young, amongst others, were investigated for Propofol abuse. According to the prosecutors, the female celebrities had been continuously been administered Propofol at various plastic surgeons and dermatologists. Apparently, a few of the celebrities were even seen borrowing their sister’s or their family member’s names to administer Propofol and visited many hospitals in one day for it.

Following which, Si Yeon’s and Hyun Young’s respectively agencies released statements to deny the accusations of abuse. However, just today, Korean media have confirmed that four female celebrities, including Park Si Yeon and Hyun Young have been formally charged with Propofol abuse.



A little refresher course here: Propofol is also known as “milk of amnesia”, a drug widely used as an anesthetic during surgery. It’s also “used” as a fast-acting sedative which relaxes the user and gives the user a feeling of euphoria. Propofol inadvertently killed King of Pop, Michael Jackson in 2009.

Prosecutors said that Si Yeon was the heaviest user of the celebrities charged, receiving more than 180 injections of the drug at two cosmetic surgery clinics between 2011 and 2012 for surgical procedures that did not happen. The authorities have also charged the doctors who illegally administered the propofol injections, and an artiste management agency representative who had obstructed their investigations.


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