Beyond the technical skills and frills of DJ-ing, lies the core of what made the art form synonymous to having a good time – the ability of a DJ to rock a crowd single-handedly. The first ever Red Bull Thre3style Malaysia Finals, created by Red Bull Blue & Silver (Europe), emphasized on just that. Unlike other DJ championships, Red Bull Thre3style ultimately rewards DJs for knowing how to keep a party pumped while juggling three or more genres.

Hosted in The Butter Factory KL, the event marked Red Bull Thre3style‘s debut in sourcing for a Malaysian DJ worthy to compete in the Red Bull Thre3style World Finals.

Red Bull Thre3style Malaysia Finals


The night witnessed Malaysia’s most promising comeups battle it out to win over the party crowd. Established veterans, DJ Bento (Japan), DJ Ono (Thailand), DJ Luqe (Malaysia), DJ Ko Flow (Singapore) and DJ Gabriel (Malaysia) were judges for the night as all EIGHT Malaysian finalists brought their A-game.

After a whole night of rocking new variations of upbeat music, new and old, DJ Reeve won the competition with an extremely small margin against runner-up and crowd favorite DJ Tatsuro and the very experienced Ben Cracko. Reeve started his set on a right vibe with a list of feel-good tracks before quickly diving into what would be one of the best sets of the night. With a seamless mix of genres; from Electro to New Disco, LL Cool J to Baauer, Papa Roach to Michael Jackson – Reeve had it all accompanied by a brief scratch showcase. The highlight of Reeve’s set was his dissing technique, an emulation of Four Color Zack’s famous name-dropping style that helped him win last year’s Red Bull Thre3style World Finals.

Red Bull Thre3style Malaysia Winner DJ Reeve

“I wasn’t nervous for the competition tonight as I thought I would stand a chance against some of the more experienced DJs. I was just relieved when my set was over”, DJ Reeve recalled, after his first big competition win. He added that he is most excited to meet his idol Jazzy Jeff at the world finals later this year.

As the Red Bull Thre3style Malaysia Champion, DJ Reeves will now represent Malaysia in the Red Bull Thre3style World Finals’ in Toronto, Canada. Faced with the world’s best DJs, will DJ Reeves do the Malaysian DJ scene justice with his set? Only time will tell.

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