Guy decides to take the bus like any other day that one fine evening. Guy (sorta) meets girl on bus. Guy feels like it must be fate at work. Guy and girl go their separate ways (read: get off the bus at their respective stops). Guy hasn’t stopped thinking about girl ever since. So, what does he do?

What’s a guy to do when he doesn’t even have her number, when he doesn’t even know her name?

Singapore Bus 855


He needed to make sure that he gets her attention, right? Something big, something out of this world. Something that would spread like wildfire, somehow. So, he left a random poster (we think, pasted on a lamppost, maybe?) with notes describing his entire experience and justifying his reason for doing so:

I know this is gonna sound really cheesy and desperate but I am at my sincerest and you have got to believe me. I felt an instant connection with you the moment I saw you. I have never experienced such an experience before, not with any girl I met or saw.

I’m sure you noticed me gazing at you periodically and sometimes your eyes met. I badly wanted to get your phone number but was afraid of your parent’s reaction. After you got off the bus, I felt a deep longing ache in me that I’ve never experienced before.

That feeling continued to linger strongly inside me. I don’t want this to end up as the biggest regret of my life.

He then gave instructions on how the girl could find him if she saw the note. He also described what she was wearing and what he was wearing the day he met – just in case the wrong girl should turn up. The best part is, he warned people not to remove the note as it was “government property” and that anyone who removed or vandalizes his note would be “severely dealt with”.

Singapore Bus Note

Needless to say, the poster went viral. And “Bus 855” is probably that much more popular now.

First things first, dude, we’re not living in a Nicholas Sparks film. Secondly, can you be any creepier? Lastly, unless if she’s naive, for personal safety reasons, no girl is going to turn up to meet a guy that she didn’t even speak to on a random bus ride. C’mon.



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