Yesterday, we met with Razif Hashim aka Raz, Malaysia’s self-proclaimed entertainer (his own words!). You might remember him from the travel show in search of yummy food called, “Best In The World” as well as his “8TV Quickie” hosting gig. He’s also no stranger to Malaysian television shows such as, “Gol & Gincu”, “Ghost”, “Mystery Six” and films like, “Goodbye Boys” and “Jarum Halus”. Yes, he’s popular, and he-who-is-popular has found a new love – the Samsung GALAXY Note II.

Yes, we allowed Raz to gush. Here’s what he said during our meet:

So, tell us, did you customize your pages? Because you know, you can really tell a lot about a person by the way they customize their pages..


“Yeah! What I do is..I like to keep it minimal so I try to keep it to only four pages.  So, if I want to go to my social media and stuff, I swipe to the left. It’s all there, you know, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and stuff. Swipe it again and you’ll find the language widget – and I’m currently learning Spanish so it’s really cool to have that.”

Razif Hashim Instagram

How do you like your Samsung GALAXY Note II? What do you use it mostly for?

“I love it! I use it for, well, obviously calls and keeping in touch – those are the main things. But the screen is awesome because it’s big. I use it for videos and I like the multitasking function. For example, if I’m at my lab – my theatre lab – and somebody does some sort of a theatre exercise and we’re supposed to figure out the algorithm so it’d just be, okay how do we deal with this and what is the thesis statement for this performance? With my Samsung GALAXY Note II, I can watch the said video and also take notes at the same time – because of the multitasking function.”

What are the top five apps that you use on a regularly basis on your Samsung GALAXY Note II?

“Instagram, for sure. Words with Friends. Dead Trigger – it’s a really cool game and it’s really hardcore because the graphics are especially accelerated on this smartphone. And..I really just use it to watch videos. It’s really a whole lot more awesome to watch it on the Samsung GALAXY Note II screen as compared to other smartphones. Oh, Flipboard. It’s pure awesomeness. I can really ‘layan’ it for hours!”

Do you use the Samsung GALAXY Note II’s S Pen a lot? To doodle or to practice your drawing skills, maybe?

“Yeah I use it to write a lot of notes. At times when I don’t write notes, I like the fact that my smartphones comes with something for me to doodle with!”


Haha! Thanks for sharing that with us, Raz. And since he mentioned it, follow his Instagram account for more daily updates from him!

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