If you’ve seen frustrated tweets and Facebook statuses recently about your friends “hating chocolates” and “not having enough lives”, don’t worry, nobody’s really hating chocolates and nobody’s dying. At least not yet. In fact, in the past few weeks or so, you might’ve gotten an influx of app invites on Facebook, for something called, “Candy Crush”. And if you haven’t fallen into that black hole, then read on.

The last time a gaming trend was this big was during the days of OMGPOP’s “Draw Something”. It was something that you were probably playing, your siblings were probably playing, celebrities were playing, and maybe your parents too. Like all trends, it came and went.

Candy Crush


But here comes trouble!

King.com’s “Candy Crush” is everywhere today. It’s top grossing in the iOS App Store, the biggest Facebook app, and the top 10 free app in Android’s Google Play store. However, it’s not something that hasn’t been done before. In fact, it kinda looks like “Bejeweled” – except that this game play requires a player to help out candy inhabitants by matching candy gems.

[youtube id=”826AfV8_zO8″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

Three candies in a row would get you points and clear gems from the board, four would give you a special candy that can clear rows, and five offers a candy that will destroy a wide region. So on and so forth. Oh, and if you’re asking why there are suddenly so many “chocolate hating” people in the world, it’s because a player is supposed to prevent chocolate from spreading.

And then there are multiple levels in which players will always be struggling to match candies in various combinations and trying to clear the board. When we say, “multiple levels”, we mean over 200 levels. At the same time, a player has to try to get the highest score humanly possible within the time frame allowance. Toss the “lives” system into the mix and suddenly, the number of attempts within a session is limited.

Cue angry life-hating rants. We would know – we have once or twice wanted to throw something, anything at the wall in the painful process.

Candy Crush Saga

Exciting, isn’t it? No prizes for guessing why people end up frustrated and begging for lives via Twitter or their Facebook statuses – or end up spending USD0.99 on a life, if they can’t wait a whole half hour for it to be replenished. Go on and try it for yourselves. Get the app (iOS or Android), play it on Facebook.


But don’t say we didn’t warn you!

For more information, visit their official website.

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