Horsemeat drama no more!

To all meatball lovers, the wait is over. Previously, food inspectors in the Czech Republic discovered horse meat DNA in 2.2-pound packs of frozen meatballs labeled as beef and pork and sold under the name Köttbullar aka the popular Swedish meatballs from IKEA.

Today, IKEA Malaysia, announces that the meatballs will be back at the IKEA Restaurant and Swedish Food Market at the IKEA Malaysia store from tomorrow, 8th March 2013 (Friday). This comes after the release of DNA results by a local independent lab that gave a resounding “neigh” to horsemeat, reaffirming that the meatballs sold locally contain only beef. The meatballs are halal certified and produced locally in Malaysia.


IKEA Meatballs

Yup. They’re safe!

To celebrate its return, for one day only on 8th March, IKEA Malaysia will be rolling out the meatballs for 20sen a piece, giving customers another reason to trot into the store for the iconic dish. Okay then. We definitely know where we’ll be headed for lunch tomorrow. You guys coming or what?

For more information, visit IKEA Malaysia’s Facebook page.

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