Platform 11” was initially just the title of Keith Tan’s debut album, named after the platform at King’s Cross, London, where Keith wrote “Carry On”. It also symbolizes the phase where dreams take off, and the beginning of a journey.

When the album was officially released and distributed in December 2012, the name “Platform 11” evolved into a brand name of the band, which consist the key musicians that participated in the album’s recording. Platform 11 was no longer just Keith Tan’s debut album title and vision alone, it represented the elaborate and collective effort by all the musicians who poured their souls into the album. ‘Platform 11” was carrying many dreams on board.

Platform 11 Media Session Central Market (7)


Today, “Platform 11” are:

  1. Keith Tan (founder/vocals/songwriter/guitars)
  2. Jimmy Chong (drums)
  3. Liu Wei Zhong (keyboards)
  4. Alubakhan (electric guitar/GuQin/didgeridoo/others)
  5. Anna Chong (backing vocals)
  6. Fung Chern Hwei (violin)
  7. Florian Antier (cello)
  8. Ken Hor (album producer/arranger)

Though very new to the industry, “Platform 11” has garnered many praises by industry professionals and music enthusiasts. Just a month or two after the release of the album, they officially introduced themselves through a “Media Meet & Greet” session at The Annexe Gallery, Central Market in conjunction with their two-night only concert on 26th February and 27th February. The two-night concert was very much a self-funded and do-it-yourself event, put up together by Platform 11 members themselves, and support from Very Imaginative People.

At the concert, which started at 8:30pm on both nights, “Platform 11” performed to a full-house crowd. The concert featured a full band, strings quartet, 11-choir members, guest performers – Reza Salleh, Melina William, and guest musicians. The atmosphere of the entire concert was brought up one notch with video clips, visual effects and animation as backdrop that matches perfectly with every song performed.

[youtube id=”QBiX83qiJVU” width=”600″ height=”350″]

From the album production to the concert production, their emphasis has always been on quality, and being true to oneself. The band’s effort certainly did not go unnoticed-audiences reciprocated with thunderous claps and cheers for “Platform 11”. We foresee many more great things from the band.

Click to view more pictures from the exclusive media session in our gallery below!

For more information, visit the band’s Facebook page.

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