As a first/new Oscar winner and a darling in the eyes of your fans, there are some things you shouldn’t be caught doing. One of which is to be caught with what looks like Mary Jane. And we don’t mean the style of shoes, of course.

“Best Actress” winner Jennifer Lawrence has been photographed smoking something incredibly suspicious looking. Or rather, let’s just say that she was smoking, yes, but it didn’t look like your ordinary Marlboro. In the pictures, she was seen “clasping a fat roll up in her fingers and a bottle of wine” on the balcony of her hotel.

Needless to say, the pictures drove the media crazy with speculation that Jennifer was lighting up a joint containing Mary Jane aka marijuana.


Jennifer Lawrence Smoking Pot

Previously, in an exclusive interview with “Spin” magazine, she was asked if she liked to indulge in pot. To which she answered, “I so cannot answer that question. I’m in a franchise”. Well, if she really didn’t then she would’ve replied with a straight up “No”, correct?

And just how bad are the implications of these pictures? You may remember a time when teen pop sensation Justin Bieber was photographed smoking weed and how bad Beliebers reacted to it. For 22-year-old Jennifer Lawrence, it ain’t that bad just yet – she’s no Justin Bieber – but it’s bound to cause outrage among millions of young “The Hunger Games” fans.


We know it.

Sources:, Zap2it.

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