Unused and unneeded computer peripherals and devices will now be responsibly handled, thanks to the Logitech Trade-In Recycling Programme. This programme aims to help do the world a favour by recycling old computer peripherals and also helps rid space of unnecessary clutter.

Logitech, a leader in computer peripherals, is offering the Trade-In Recycling Programme to help you get rid of your old devices the environmentally-friendly way.

Logitech Malaysia Trade-In Recycling Programme (2)


In addition, Logitech aims to encourage consumers to switch to wireless products and peripherals that would greatly reduce the clutter in consumers’ lives and offer new levels of convenience beyond expectations.

The public can trade-in their peripherals from 25th February to 31st March at any of the 30 participating Logitech partner stores across key capitals in Malaysia, including Kuching. Members of the public would be able to trade-in their devices and receive up to 35% discount on the purchase of any Logitech wireless products such as the M325 Mouse, as well as the latest Windows Touch Mouse, while stocks last.

M325_CTG_Blue T400_CTG_RED

Trade-ins are currently only offered for peripheral devices such as old keyboards and mouse.

For more information on the Logitech Trade-In Recycling Programme and to see the list of participating outlets, hit up their Facebook page.

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