2013 is turning out to be just epic for Malaysian singer Mizz Nina. Just today, we discovered that she has released a new single! And not just any single, this one is a dance-worthy collaboration with American-bon-Korean artiste and ex K-Pop boy idol group, 2PM’s leader, Jay Park!

Well, can’t say we’re 100% surprised since Mizz Nina did previously reveal to us in an exclusive interview in July last year that she “could be” working with an Asian artiste on a collaboration. We should’ve known!

The pair apparently met at MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2012 and went on to discuss the possibilities of working together. They then proceeded to record in separate studios from December last year and January. Titled, “Around The World”, the single was produced by Seattle-born singer, music producer, b-boy, and illustrator Cha Cha Malone. Cha Cha Malone has previously worked on Jay Park’s music, as well as K-Pop idol boy groups B1A4 & U-KISS.


Jay Park Mizz Nina

Following which, Mizz Nina flew to Seoul to shoot the music video. Her thoughts on the hook-up?:

It was a blessing to be able to work with Jay Park on this collaboration, and to also have one of my all-time favourite director Cho work on the video is a huge bonus! To top it all off, we filmed it in Seoul, Korea, which was a dream come true. I am super-excited for this single and video!

So, check out the song already!:

[youtube id=”cxL82DFUrMQ” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Don’t forget to support both your local pop queen Mizz Nina and super talented idol Jay Park by purchasing the song off iTunes here.

Sources: NST, MTV Asia.

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