In 1982, Dick Clark created the clips-and-comedy genre with TV’s “Bloopers & Practical Jokes”, an instant hit that set the trend for years to come. Three decades on, “Bloopers” is back and better than ever before, with a fresh new take on an iconic brand and classic series. But still as the best place for hilarious videos and hidden camera pranks.

Hosted by TV and movie star Dean Cain, each half-hour is full of hilarious and spontaneous bloopers, unpredictable hidden camera segments and laugh-out-loud moments from the web. Don’t miss the all-new Bloopers, where every episode will entertain, amuse, and surprise you.

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In the premiering episode, host Dean Cain takes a ride in the fast lane, crowns the champion Bloopers Dog Talent Show, and also catch rapping grandmas, vinegar bombs, lemon-sucking babies, and hilarious hidden camera pranks. Look out also for Dean’s demonstrations of the dangers of roof jumping, taking the kids’ side in the war against parents; contend with criminal dogs, treacherous trees, and the ultimate wedgie in upcoming episodes.

Just to give you a taste of what to expect from “Bloopers” without giving too much away, here are the first seven episodes:

1. “Life in the Fast Lane”

Host Dean Cain takes a ride in the gast lane and crowns the champion of the Bloopers Dog Talent Show. Plus rapping grandmas, vinegar bombs, lemon-sucking babies, and hilarious hidden camera pranks.

2. “Parents are Jerks”

Host Dean Cain demonstrates the dangers of roof jumping and takes the kids’ side treacherous trees, and the ultimate wedgie.

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3. “Cheap Trips”


Host Dean Cain shows funny ways to ruin a vacation and the worst playground fails in history. Plus a talking gas pump, the cutest place on Earth, and a dog that does parkour.

4. “Homemade Fun League”

Host Dean Cain introduces you to the world’s greatest trash-can-roof-diver and a cat with a mean left hook. Plus amateur stuntmen, arm wrestling doggie-style, and peek-a-boo for adults.

5. “Feel The Burn”

Host Dean Cain will whip you into shape with the Bloopers 10 second workout. Hint: Watch your face. Plus: Bear-infested hammocks, Jack Vale eats live goldfish, and tall trucks meet short bridges.

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6. “Childhood-Lums”

Dean Cain rounds up the unusual suspects: criminal toddlers. Plus: Elderly skateboarder wipe-outs  pandas on horseback, and an epic between man and table.

7. “Super Happy #1 Fun Time”

Host Dean Cain satisfies the public demand for goose parades, friendly bears, and bonus kittens. Plus: Skateboarding on stilts, do-it-yourself rollercoasters, and a bungee jump goes wrong.

Catch “Bloopers” first and exclusively on beTV (Astro B.yond Channel 720) when it premieres on 18th March 2013 (Monday), airing every Monday and Tuesday at 8:30pm.

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