“The X Factor” boss, Simon Cowell has confirmed that he and his love are no longer an item. His love, or rather, now ex-love, is none other than sizzling hot Carmen Electra. The 53-year-old British television host and the 40-year-old actress starting dating last year with Simon confirming the romance in December.

Evidently, it was meant to be short-lived.

Simon Cowell Carmen Electra


Upon the news that they’ve split, Simon said, “I’m now a single man. We spent time together and she is so much fun. But I’d like to find a girlfriend. I do particularly like British women but I haven’t got my eye on anyone. I do work a lot and it doesn’t leave me very long for women but I have lots of great friends, and great women in my life. I’m lucky that I have a lot of good people around me. That’s very important, especially when you do what I do. I’m happy but I would like a girlfriend.”

Contradictory statement much, Simon? Then again, in the very beginning, he made it a point to say that Carmen Electra “was not his girlfriend” and that they were just “people who date”. Right.

Simon Cowell

Simon was previously engaged to “American Idol” make-up artist  Mezghan Hussainy, until a year ago. Previous relationships were with 44-year-old pop star Sinitta and 38-year-old model Terri Seymour.

Sources: News.com.au, Huffington Post.

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