Looks like Hong Kong superstar Jackie Chan is doing more than just promoting his film and filming an episode of “Running Man” in Korea. Might we add that it also through this recent finding that we now know that Jackie also owns a Korean management label named, “Jackie Chan Korea”.

So, here’s the thing, the label has confirmed that they’re preparing an idol group named, “Double JC”. All members of the group are Korean and have been trainees for about eight years now. The label has also revealed that “Double JC” will debut in May or June this year! Wait, what? Jackie Chan has been keeping this a secret from us for eight whole years?

Jackie Chan Double JC


They were trained by and their debut album is produced by old school hip hop artiste, Hyun Jin Young, who was trained under Lee Soo Man (founding chairman of SM Entertainment) and happens to be the very first SM Entertainment artiste. Upon the announcement, Hyun Jin Young said of “Double JC”, “They’re very unique. They have an inexplicable charm that’s hard to find in Korea. They’re going to release a Korean and Chinese song and target both Korea and China simultaneously”.

Jackie Chan apparently paid a visit to “Double JC” while he was in Korea. He also showed great affection towards the idol group and even brought them out with him and introduced them to people.

Jackie Chan Chinese Zodiac Korea

Oh, wow. This is going to get interesting. Because although “Double JC” has been confirmed and the man behind it all is a hip hop producer plus Jackie Chan, the preconception is that it’s a boy idol group. Let’s keep in mind that there has been no official announcements about the gender of or number of members.

We can’t wait to find out!

Sources: AKP, KpopStarz.

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