Just this week, a blog capturing some of those final 140-character postings as part of an unusual tribute to the newly departed launched. Named “The Tweet Hereafter”, it functions just like your other social network platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Except, instead of chronicling lives, this one documents deaths.

“The Tweet Hereafter” is described as an “experimental project” and it’s the brainchild of Jamie Forrest and Michael McWatters and is essentially a collection of the last tweets ever posted by “notable, newsworthy, famous, or infamous people”.


Two of the “top” tweets on the blog now are such as snowmobile-X-Gamer Caleb Moore’s last Twitter posting which said, “Check out my fan page!” and the final message from South African Paralympian Oscar Pistorious’ dead model girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp’s tweet, “What do you have up your sleeve for your love tomorrow??? #getexcited #ValentinesDay”.

The latest addition to the blog was of course, this one from Mindy McCready, who was found dead in her home in an apparent suicide yesterday:

Jamie and Michael said that they’ve been collecting these tweets  and that at first, they weren’t sure whether it was something they really wanted to announce formally or not – but the “grim tragedy” in South Africa was the one that prompted them to make the site public. Since then, they’ve gotten mixed “reviews” or their little “project”, mostly saying how morbid and disturbing the blog is.

There are currently 50 tweets currently stored on the site, stretching back to 2009.

Sources: The Verge, Complex Tech.

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