LEGOLAND® Malaysia slithered into the LEGO® history books today and set a new record by completing a challenge to build the world’s longest LEGO Snake. The snake was officially measured at 318 metres. It was built using more than one million LEGO bricks to celebrate LEGOLAND Malaysia’s first Chinese New Year and the Year the Snake.

More than five thousand guests have taken part in the building effort, which began nine days ago at the start of the Chinese New Year long-weekend. It came to a close yesterday when Siegfried Boerst (General Manager of LEGOLAND Malaysia) called time on the unprecedented building activity. With the final body parts in place, the tail was attached in front of a waiting crowd.


After the snake’s official length was measured it was announced at a special in-Park event.

LEGOLAND Malaysia Master Model Builders, led by the Model Shop Manager, Stefan Bentivoglio, designed the snake and built the head and tail. They have coordinated the record attempt and helped guests to build the LEGO snake’s body section by section. Watch as they put the finishing touches to the world’s longest LEGO snake:

[youtube id=”wdke-1jgcks” width=”600″ height=”350″]

The LEGO snake winds its way through “The Beginning” and “Miniland” areas of the 76 acre Park and will be on display until 28th February 2013. A campaign to name the LEGO snake will begin next week on LEGOLAND Malaysia’s Facebook page with special giveaways up for grabs!

For more information, visit their official website.

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