In March (next month!), K-Pop super boy idol group Super Junior will embark on their world tour. Known as their annual “Super Show”, this will be the group’s fifth installment to date. The first three “Super Show”s were concerts held all across Asia. Last year, Super Junior went on their first ever world tour.

Held annually since 2008, the tour has been a huge success, gathering over 900,000 fans. The first of the “Super Show 5” concerts will be held in their home ground, Seoul, on 23rd and 24th March (Saturday and Sunday). After which, the boys will then travel through China, Japan, South America, and Europe.

[youtube id=”0lkz8jWUukg” width=”600″ height=”350″]


According to their management, SM Entertainment, Super Junior has been working on both being a group as well as concentrating on their solo activities. They also said to expect the boys to “show off colours and charms” via their “Super Show” tour.

Overseas fans will even be given a chance to participate in a global overseas fan four as SM C&C will be selling concert packages from 18th February 2013 (Monday) onwards. This will allow international ELFs to attend the first “Super Show 5” concert.

Although, there has be no word yet about whether the boys will be headed our way. We’ll update as soon as we know. Keep your fingers crossed! Meanwhile, for more information, visit their Facebook page.

Sources: sup3rjunior, AKP.

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