“I am in severe fear for my safety and the safety of my family”, Alyson Hannigan wrote as she petitioned the courts for a temporary restraining order against an online stalker who threatened to rape and kill her, as well as her family. The online stalker is 43-year-old John Hobbs who currently resides in New Hampshire, John was recently released from a mental hospital and has been posting a barrage of threatening messages directed at the “How I Met Your Mother” star on various websites.

Namely, Facebook.


Alyson stated that she has never met the dude, but his messages have suggested that he will rape her and take her to “the after-life”. John Hobbs also threatened to kill Alyson Hannigan’s husband, Alexis Denisof. His crazy Facebook postings include those that read:

With that said, in 2013 I still can marry you tomorrow. I can kill you tomorrow too. Cause I simply like and love you as you live life. Aly…it doesn’t end. Even after death.

Aly, many years ago I said we were “Soulmates”. Well, the only way you are going to see that now is by talking in person.

Going to the casinos and a trip to CA this year. So Alexis, I guess this means you better watch your wife, a little bit more than normal.

Dude, seriously.

Moving forward, a judge has since granted Alyson Hannigan a temporary restraining order against John Hobbs. Per a judge’s order, Hobbs must stay at least 100 yards away from Hannigan, Denisof, and their two daughters, as well as refrain from posting anything about them online.

A hearing is scheduled for 6th March 2013 on whether to make the restraining order permanent.



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