Just last month, after winning Jade Solid Gold’s “Most Popular Male Singer” award, Hong Kong star Raymond Lam’s acceptance speech included him giving thanks to his family and a mysterious “BB”. However, he didn’t bother to explain who the term of endearment was directed at. It prompted the aggressive Hong Kong paparazzi to do a widespread pursuit on Raymond’s love life.

After almost a month of being intensely tailed by and chased down by the paparazzi, Raymond has finally decided to come clean and announce that the “BB” he was talking about is none other than someone he met on the set of “Love is…Pyjamas”, Karena Ng.


The 33-year-old Raymond’s confession wouldn’t have mattered as much if the girl he was dating wasn’t only 19 years old. Yup. Upon his confirmation, he also stated:

All along, I did not explain things non-related to my job. However, recent news reports have affected the people that I love, including her and her family. As a man, I need to protect her. I don’t want a good girl, someone who I cherish very much, to suffer any misunderstandings caused by external influences. I am only doing what a man should do.

Karena, who is currently filming in mainland China, responded through her manager, Carmen, that she will personally address the media’s questions once she returns to Hong Kong.

When asked if Karena knew beforehand about Raymond’s brave announcement, Carmen said, “She has never mentioned it. She’s very calm right now. She actually hopes that everyone will spare her family, although she understands that as an artiste, she will eventually have to face the negativity.”


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