It seems that there ain’t no better time to be getting yourself an Instagram account than if it was to document your entire great big 55th Annual Grammy Awards journey and musical comeback. Yes, we’re talking about you, Justin Timberlake.

The superstar has finally jumped on the online photo-sharing social media platform on 11th February 2013. Conveniently, just as he was about to step into the star-studded event’s limelight after shying away from the music industry for so long.


Immediately (read: in only one day), JT gained about, oh, only 100,000 odd followers. But like a true swaggin’ boss, he follows no one. Wait, what? Not even Jay-Z, whom he collaborated with for “Suit & Tie”? And why doesn’t Jessica Biel have a Instagram account?

In any case, most of JT’s photos have easily garnered thousands of likes within seconds of posting, although his first Instagram pic was a seemingly uninteresting shot of an empty-ish highway. But who are we to comment? Even that got him about over 4,000 likes!

Welcome to Instagram, Justin!

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